If you want to hear the truth.

The avera­ge Cen­tral Euro­pean has to put up with up to 4,500 adver­ti­sing impul­ses in one day. 4,500 mes­sa­ges that all have one thing in com­mon: the “Buy! Me! Now!” If some of the­se impul­ses are from your brand, you can be sure that no one cares except you, your adver­ti­sing agen­cy and the owners of the medi­um in which they appear. Peo­p­le would much rather read sports reports, obitua­ries or other dis­as­ter reports. Or to put it ano­ther way: if you were not the sup­pli­er of your pro­ducts, but one of your cus­to­mers – would you see and under­stand your adver­ti­sing? And: Would you buy your pro­ducts becau­se of that?
You will not get a gua­ran­tee of suc­cess from any adver­ti­sing agen­cy in the world. But you can have a gua­ran­tee that your adver­ti­sing will be noti­ced among the 4,500 impul­ses a day. Assum­ing you let us. Provoke.