If you just want to play around a bit.

Admit­ted­ly, we included this page more for inter­nal pur­po­ses. Becau­se the­re should be days and situa­tions when not­hing comes to mind and not­hing works. Then just going home does­n’t go down so well with col­le­agues. So it’s bet­ter to prac­ti­ce a round of one-dimen­sio­nal thin­king. If in doubt, you can use it for the next cam­paign. (“Qua­li­ty pre­vails” and such.) Apart from that: Com­pu­ter games shar­pen the sen­ses, impro­ve fine motor skills and increase reac­tion speed. By the way: Our best boys and girls scored over 80,000 points in Pac­man. So?