Wenn Sie die Wahl haben wollen.

It’s a law of natu­re that appli­es from the cam­paign to the clas­si­fied ad: If the­re are seve­ral pro­po­sals on the table, a bad com­pro­mi­se always results, a „this-of-this-and-this-of-this“. The­r­e­fo­re: If you order a job from us, you will get exact­ly the one solu­ti­on that we con­sider to be the best … and no alter­na­ti­ve to it and then two vari­ants of it. We have alre­a­dy gone through all the second-best ide­as or dis­card­ed them in the begin­ning. You bene­fit from this in a num­ber of ways: You don’t have to ask your wife, secre­ta­ry or clea­ning lady – if it’s not one and the same per­son any­way – which idea she thinks is the bet­ter one. You can dis­pen­se with all the pseu­do-demo­cra­tic fuss and tire­so­me mee­tings and fruit­less dis­cus­sions in working groups (whe­re work just goes in cir­cles). And you can then invest the saved human resour­ces sen­si­bly in pro­per briefings.