AI is a new­fangled term that is on everyone’s lips – com­pa­ra­ble to the dewy „Wen­de“ of the Ger­man Chan­cell­or Olaf Scholz or his wri­ters: ener­gy tur­n­around, cli­ma­te chan­ge, eco­no­mic chan­ge, etc. are the fashionable new terms. Are we all threa­ten­ed with a “chan­ge in thin­king” by AI? AI, in Eng­lish: arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence – one that is not!

The algo­rith­ms on which it is based are neither intel­li­gent nor do they replace the cogni­ti­ve abili­ties of users. It has not­hing to do with intel­li­gence! Not­hing at all! AI only has to do with (a) cor­re­la­ti­ons and (b) the pro­ba­bi­li­ty of a ques­ti­on or a gues­sing game being cor­rect or occur­ring. And that’s pro­ba­b­ly what mat­ters to you!

The AI which is in the soft­ware can be used for ques­ti­ons and chal­lenges in ever­y­day life (actual­ly from €20 a month) and can be ope­ra­ted by your assistant after a quick crash cour­se . If until now you nee­ded a trai­ned pro­gramm­er, now with the help of ChatGPT almost ever­yo­ne can set the „intel­li­gence“ in moti­on and achie­ve satis­fac­to­ry results! Pro­vi­ded you ask the right ques­ti­ons and they don’t demand mira­cles from the AI! Yes, it can trans­la­te texts, wri­te poet­ry, com­po­se songs, sol­ve dif­fi­cult math pro­blems, crea­te pro­files, make decis­i­ons and much more!

But you won’t get a Pulit­zer Pri­ze for the novel. And the sci­en­ti­fic trea­tise, the artic­le, the assess­ment … will also be miss­ing essentials.

Yes, AI at the rou­lette table can give you the pro­ba­bi­li­ty that the ball will land on black and not red – per­haps cor­rect­ly 0.02% hig­her on black. But you don’t get a gua­ran­tee for that!

In short, AI can only say some­thing about what it has been trai­ned for. Its accu­ra­cy is defi­ni­te­ly hig­her. Intel­li­gence has not­hing to do with pro­ba­bi­li­ty. Admit­ted­ly , the chan­ge in thin­king sug­gests that peo­p­le will need it in the end. But AI can­not replace you.

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