The beau­ty of the digi­tal revo­lu­ti­on is that no one knows the rou­te it will take, no one knows what the goal is and no one knows the laws by which it will ope­ra­te. Check out all the tools, ide­as, solu­ti­ons and ans­wers being pro­mi­sed to you in the inter­net! The basic mot­to being what was true yes­ter­day is wrong today, and what is true today will not neces­s­a­ri­ly work tomorrow.

Depen­ding on what you ask today, you will get a detail­ed ans­wer by ChatGPT The focus is no lon­ger on peo­p­le and their wis­hes, but on the machi­ne. Are machi­nes a cur­se or a bles­sing? The fact is that our socie­ty is get­ting older and older and that num­bers for the work­force are also shrin­king. That does not pre­vent anyo­ne from equip­ping ever­y­day life with more and more new hel­pers that take more huma­no­id fea­tures and replace miss­ing human workers. Will tho­se robots tre­at us with love, respect and bene­vo­lence? Half of the popu­la­ti­on can wri­te the term „digi­tiza­ti­on“ wit­hout any mista­kes. And they can hand­le their smart­phones. Howe­ver, very few can com­ment on what digi­tiza­ti­on and its cha­rac­te­ristics mean for the indi­vi­du­al. And even more dif­fi­cult is the ans­wer to the ques­ti­on of what goal we humans actual­ly want to achie­ve with digi­tiza­ti­on. Would­n’t that be worth a demo­cra­tic debate?

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