Whe­ther it’s Mr. Fischer’s dowel, Albert Einstein’s theo­ry of rela­ti­vi­ty, or Mal­com McLean’s con­tai­ner, the­se were bril­li­ant ideas.

Befo­re your beau­tiful ad or web­site, video or pos­ter (or wha­te­ver adver­ti­sing you paid for) can cau­se impe­tus, it must first pro­vo­ke impe­tus. But how is that sup­po­sed to work when the sales depart­ment just does­n’t want to sca­re away the cli­ente­le, the board of direc­tors’ fears for its share­hol­ders, the retail­er is worried about gene­ral mora­le, the sales force is strugg­ling to find its own image and the adver­ti­se­ment agen­cy worries to recei­ve more than two nasty let­ters of dis­con­tent­ment or even failure?

And so the text is doc­to­red and wate­red down, the image is accor­din­gly toned down, the head­line roun­ded off and the color muted. In exch­an­ge, the logo gets a litt­le big­ger, the space a litt­le smal­ler, and the tone more mode­ra­te. Short “sof­ten­ed” And then? Then … then you will look in the Spie­gel next Satur­day and not see a sin­gle ad. And on Thurs­day, you won’t noti­ce a sin­gle one in Stern eit­her. You’ll zap away the com­mer­cials on TV, you won’t go to the movies any­way, and the ban­ners on the Inter­net will dri­ve you up the wall. Ever­yo­ne has done ever­y­thing right becau­se all do the same. No cus­to­mer com­plai­ned and the gene­ral decay of morals wasn’t shown the red card at your com­pa­ny but nevert­hel­ess the wife of the company’s board mem­ber is asking, why the com­pe­ti­tor has a spot on the inter­net that has regis­tered over 7 mil­li­on clicks in 4 days. How did they do that when your pro­duct is miles ahead of competitor’s?

It’s simp­le! They go their own way and fol­low their own plan. They always take the shor­test path! They don’t try to plea­se ever­yo­ne. They sim­ply think – and they think befo­re they act … and not the other way around.

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