We have alre­a­dy dealt with the dif­fi­cul­ties that Ger­man con­su­mers have with chan­ge in ano­ther chap­ter. Howe­ver, as is the way of thin­king in this coun­try, Ger­mans have inven­ted their own vari­ant. This is in plain lan­guage: chan­ge, but plea­se wit­hout chan­ge. Or as Hen­ry Ford said, „Any cus­to­mer can have a car in any color he wants, as long as it’s black.“

And the agen­cy beco­mes a pro­blem, a big pro­blem. How will they earn money? Of cour­se, the who­le thing could be done in green ins­tead of yel­low. Green is in right now. The agen­ci­es could modi­fy the type­face a bit, blow up the manufacturer’s logo a bit (that always goes down well), make the image a bit smal­ler, but the type­face a bit lar­ger (you know, older peo­p­le still have to be able to read the text). And the real bonus: the agen­ci­es make the who­le thing a litt­le smal­ler and the­r­e­fo­re che­a­per! On the web, size is not the main issue becau­se users and devices chan­ge it auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. The big dif­fe­rence is the pro­gramm­er who makes the web­site. It makes a big dif­fe­rence if the pro­gramm­er needs two days for it or four. So, you make sure that he has it on his screen for a maxi­mum of two days. The result: the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the two ver­si­ons is hard­ly noticeable.

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