What was right yes­ter­day is wrong today. What sold yes­ter­day does­n’t work today. Or per­haps not?

What has chan­ged? Have peo­p­le reinven­ted them­sel­ves? Have con­su­mers been given a new knit­ting pat­tern? One that only a sel­ect few are capa­ble of under­stan­ding? Has the com­mo­di­ty or need chan­ged from the ground up?

The­se are ques­ti­ons you can best ans­wer for yours­elf. You, too, are not much dif­fe­rent today than you were yes­ter­day. And your goods, your values and your moti­va­ti­on – apart from the usu­al deve­lo­p­ment and inno­va­ti­on pro­ces­ses – are still the same as they were yes­ter­day. No, the world has­n’t chan­ged, and it won’t in the near future. The knit­ting pat­tern has remain­ed the same, and so has the moti­va­ti­on for purcha­se decis­i­ons. The only thing that has chan­ged is the „noi­se level“ and the plat­form through which sounds are crea­ted, published or exch­an­ged. On this new plat­form, the con­su­mer is the one who sets the tone. And it is he who deter­mi­nes the struc­tu­re and cha­rac­te­ristics of the „noi­se“: He crea­tes the sounds with his thumb. „Up“ means: it gets loud, while „down“ means it gets quiet. This is new and some­ti­mes cau­ses gene­ral con­fu­si­on at com­pa­nies. It is the con­su­mer who is for­cing us to rethink – and it is also he who is dri­ving com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on in the new pro­per sen­se. You can’t buy 37,000,000 clicks, you can’t plan for them, and you can’t pre­dict them. But you can under­stand them and work out the ingre­di­ents nee­ded as a foun­da­ti­on to get that level of noise.

Caus­ing a stir, show­ing cou­ra­ge, arou­sing emo­ti­ons and set­ting pro­vo­ca­ti­on in moti­on – the­se are the only working means to be heard and to crea­te a place for ones­elf in the new­ly emer­ging trade mar­kets. The type of adver­ti­sing that sells the most effec­tively, the fas­test and the best today is still the one that attracts atten­ti­on, arou­ses sym­pa­thy and crea­tes desi­re. You need the A for atten­ti­on befo­re the I for inte­rest – and not IADA, as some would like (we can for­get about the last two let­ters, they no lon­ger have much to do with adver­ti­sing anyway).

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