Adver­ti­sing should attract atten­ti­on. But for what? And what is the impe­tus? For a pro­duct? A com­pa­ny? A ser­vice? Yes! But how, at the cur­rent noi­se level? Even lou­der? Not pos­si­ble. Even more colorful, ela­bo­ra­te, more expen­si­ve, big­ger? No! More cou­ra­ge­ous, intel­li­gent, fas­ter and more focu­sed – other­wi­se it won’t work.

Cre­di­bi­li­ty is the new watch­word in com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. The best pro­of of this is the con­stant­ly incre­asing num­ber of users in Grounds­well*. Alt­hough only 29% of the­se are acti­ve and the majo­ri­ty are pas­si­ve and still some­what inse­cu­re, the situa­ti­on is chan­ging rapidly, dai­ly- and on both sides. Sup­pli­ers and buy­ers are con­s­truc­ting a new set of rules. The mot­to: „Tho­se who are late will be punis­hed by the cus­to­mer.“ Tho­se who are not the­re today will give up their power and their mar­kets tomor­row to com­pe­ti­tors or newcomers.

For you, howe­ver, this means: First of all, you yours­elf must belie­ve in your new mes­sa­ges, in your power, in your pro­duct, in your per­for­mance and in what you have to offer. Aldous Hux­ley once wro­te a long, fact-based essay about a small pie­ce of chalk. Jean-Hen­ri Fab­re wro­te thick books about the fly and the spider…

In Matthew Josephson’s book Zola and His Time, the­re is the fol­lo­wing obser­va­ti­on: „What mat­ters is that you look at the object you want to descri­be long enough and with enough atten­ti­on so that you extra­ct from it an aspect that no one else has found. All things have unex­plo­red sides, becau­se we are accus­to­med to have our way of loo­king deter­mi­ned by pre­vious ways of loo­king at things. The most incon­spi­cuous object still holds unknowns. Let’s look for it.“

And then? Have the cou­ra­ge to com­mu­ni­ca­te it even in a way that makes noi­se. But cre­di­bly. Sim­ply, cle­ar­ly, distinct­ly, trans­par­ent­ly and con­vin­cin­g­ly. What does that have to do with cou­ra­ge? And how is it dif­fe­rent from what you’­ve always done? The ans­wer is not­hing. The score is the same, the orches­tra has also remain­ed the same and the audi­ence has remain­ed the same, only the role of the con­duc­tor has been taken over by others! It is no lon­ger you, the manu­fac­tu­rer, who sets the pace – it is now the influen­cers who do it among them­sel­ves and accor­ding to new rules. The­se influen­cers are cre­di­ble to poten­ti­al new cus­to­mers, fas­ter, shril­ler, more diver­se. They can be cha­rac­te­ri­zed by obey­ing only them­sel­ves. No one is in con­trol of them- yet. No one knows how and why they work and why they don’t work for some peo­p­le. Only one thing is cer­tain: Wit­hout a cre­di­ble sto­ry, your pro­duct will not get any­whe­re – whe­ther through a tra­di­tio­nal adver­ti­sing com­pa­ny or the know-how of influen­cers. Today, a sto­ry that crea­tes noi­se is ahead of the game. And as you pro­ba­b­ly know from your own expe­ri­ence: sto­ries wit­hout pic­tures are like Stutt­gart wit­hout 21, like Face­book wit­hout terms and con­di­ti­ons, or like a pho­ne wit­hout an I.

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