Anyo­ne who tells you that you have not­hing to offer, not­hing to say and not­hing to tell, anyo­ne who tells you that you have alre­a­dy said ever­y­thing is giving you bad advice. You have a lot to say – just not what ever­yo­ne else has alre­a­dy told you.

Your sto­ry sounds dif­fe­rent, is exci­ting, thril­ling and ima­gi­na­ti­ve. It invol­ves the rea­der, lis­te­ner, user, cus­to­mer and lea­ves room for his or her pri­va­te wis­hes. Your sto­ry is dif­fe­rent: it stays with us and is even noti­ced by the per­son who might not want to buy some­thing until the day after tomor­row. So let’s tell peo­p­le some­thing new, some­thing they don’t know yet! Becau­se what they alre­a­dy know, they will eit­her over­look or not pay atten­ti­on to. Only the mes­sa­ge that hits that ner­ve has a chan­ce of being noticed.

Accor­ding to the Ame­ri­can psy­cho­lo­gist Albert T. Pof­fen­ber­ger: „We are rea­dy to belie­ve that which mobi­li­zes our desi­res, our fear and other fee­lings … Once belief has taken hold in this way, logic and reason are sum­mo­ned to sup­port it.“

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