It was an impres­si­ve state­ment made by the crowd I saw at a demons­tra­ti­on by young peo­p­le on the occa­si­on of a Fri­days for Future move­ment. And what does this state­ment have to do with adver­ti­sing your pro­duct? Much more than you can or even want to believe.

Con­su­mers are still gui­ded by basic needs: A desi­re for secu­ri­ty, health, reco­gni­ti­on, pro­crea­ti­on, love, and acqui­si­ti­on of know­ledge. But what is most in demand right now is accom­pa­nied by a green idea. Green­wa­shing is being used to sell more and more pro­ducts. And most con­su­mers, in turn, buy to assuage their conscience.

We do not want to cla­im here that the envi­ron­men­tal idea is just a fata mor­ga­na. That would be wrong. But sta­tis­tics show us: Never befo­re have so many cars been bought, never befo­re have peo­p­le tra­ve­led so often, never befo­re has so much meat been eaten, and never befo­re has so much elec­tri­ci­ty been con­su­med. It is true, some of this elec­tri­ci­ty is also green. But this is being sub­si­di­zed with con­su­mers‘ money! Flights, crui­ses, cars, ref­ri­ge­ra­tor all with tax-free kero­se­ne, or sub­si­di­zed ener­gy. As a manu­fac­tu­rer, you should not view this text as a poli­ti­cal one – it is not. But actu­al envi­ron­men­tal­ly-fri­end­ly beha­viour is spre­a­ding. You must take this into account. The point is that our envi­ron­men­tal­ly-fri­end­ly beha­viour shouldn’t be cos­ting anyo­ne any­thing! Other­wi­se, your pro­duct will remain on the shelf.

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