The­re is almost not­hing that peo­p­le in this coun­try dread more than chan­ge. Having to give some­thing up, to do wit­hout and to dare to step into the unknown, most peo­p­le are usual­ly panic-stri­cken. This is exact­ly why we try to avo­id chan­ges – espe­ci­al­ly tho­se with an unknown out­co­me. Chan­ging times, cli­ma­te chan­ge, traf­fic chan­ge … are felt to be neces­sa­ry in sur­veys. But then put them into prac­ti­ce? No, bet­ter not until tomor­row. Or: Yes, I’d rather have my com­pe­ti­tor do that.

But „doing the same thing“ does­n’t work any­mo­re! And con­se­quent­ly, a lot of what you’­ve done in mar­ke­ting in the past won’t eit­her. And now? The­re are no blue­prints. The­re is no such thing as a free ride in the age of high-speed trains. You have to sit down in front of a blank sheet of paper and crea­te new solu­ti­ons. We can help you with this – both with the ana­ly­sis of the sta­tus quo and with the path to a suc­cessful future.

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