To get straight to the point, you too can crea­te fake news, spread doubts (agno­to­lo­gy) and fabri­ca­te coun­ter­feits. You don’t need a per­mit, no trai­ning, no tried and tes­ted vir­tu­es are requi­red, and neither is an ethi­cal atti­tu­de. All you need is a good prin­ter, a powerful com­pu­ter, a lot of ima­gi­na­ti­on, a bit of uns­cru­pu­lous­ness and a trust­wor­t­hy gua­ran­tor or an expert opinion.

For exam­p­le, art experts used to be able to tell you if it was a fake becau­se they could exami­ne the mate­ri­al, color, brushwork… And today? When it comes to digi­tal art, espe­ci­al­ly when crea­ted by AI, things get dif­fi­cult. When it comes to food, too, the­re are many fakes that tas­te like the real food, but are actual­ly a mix­tu­re of che­mi­cals. And fake news, doubts in rese­arch and deve­lo­p­ment as well as for­ge­ries are increasing.

And what about the 8 p.m. news? Who can pro­mi­se you in the city of Mainz that ever­y­thing that is broad­cast is true? No one! And that will remain the case for the time being. Today the images and col­la­ges are as good as per­fect, the tona­li­ty of the lyrics as decep­tively real as are the lyrics of a well-known wri­ter, song­wri­ter, journalist…

You can belie­ve what you see, hear, taste…or not. The decis­i­on is yours. Is it good to not have any ori­en­ta­ti­on, or veri­fia­bly true infor­ma­ti­on? Are­n’t they the basis for forming opi­ni­ons and ulti­m­ate­ly for everyone’s free­dom of choice? Much depends on what is inten­ded with the indus­try of fake news, doubt and coun­ter­feits. A look at Sili­con Val­ley or the mee­ting of the tob­ac­co barons in the midd­le of the last cen­tu­ry sug­gests that it is money and power.

The only ques­ti­on we have to ans­wer is sim­ply “Do we want and need the fakes…? Do they real­ly have „short legs“? No, even very long-las­ting legs! Stick to the truth in your pro­duct adver­ti­sing and give your cus­to­mers secu­ri­ty, rela­xa­ti­on, trust and ori­en­ta­ti­on in ever­y­day mat­ters – with the Inter­net of Things.

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