This is the sen­tence your adver­ti­sing agen­cy (and the one that wants to beco­me yours) is sure to hear the most. Becau­se most of us know whe­re this cla­im leads. To do this, it is quite suf­fi­ci­ent to make the effort once and take a tho­rough look at TV adver­ti­sing and what is unders­tood by adver­ti­sing today in one evening. We do not want to cla­im that ever­y­thing is wrong or bad. But the­re is one thing we dare to say: First of all, most com­mer­cials are now so simi­lar as to be con­fu­sing. And second­ly, that many of them (even the clips of the big­gest brands) are poor­ly made, and that it’s a shame to was­te all that money.

The logi­cal con­se­quence of this is thin­king „we’ll just pro­du­ce more chea­p­ly“. For exam­p­le, you could ask an employee who has 117 fol­lo­wers on Insta­gram. He can defi­ni­te­ly help us to quick­ly cut a sel­fie, in 30 seconds at least 20 cuts. We’ll give the man € 300; he’ll be happy.“

So far, so bad. But nobo­dy real­ly wants to see it – and the who­le thing almost never works. „Never mind, we can call our agen­cy and tell them to come up with a new clip for You­Tube.“ But this time, for a chan­ge, some­thing „smart“! Some­thing „snap­py,“ recent in intel­li­gent. „And befo­re they do it, have them look at the last post from Y GmbH! We can take a page out of that one’s book!“

And your poor agen­cy? It has until 2:00 p.m. tomor­row to come up with an excel­lent solu­ti­on. A com­ple­te­ly new inge­nious idea. One that Sales thinks won’t suit us and might upset our cus­to­mers in the Midd­le East. Mar­ke­ting thinks it does­n’t work at all and does­n’t suit our image. It’s too expen­si­ve for purcha­sing. Yes, that’s how it goes with cle­ver ideas.

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