How many shoes do you need, how many bags and glas­ses? How often do you real­ly need a new car or a drill … and does it have to be the one with 5,000 revo­lu­ti­ons? Exact­ly. In adver­ti­sing, it’s all about what you think you need, but don’t real­ly need. Pro­ba­b­ly no one has ever expres­sed it to you so cle­ar­ly. But that is the reason why sel­ling will be so dif­fe­rent in the future: Today we – at least in Euro­pe – no lon­ger need to worry about our basic needs anymore.

And that brings us back to our sto­ry. Who wins on „Super­star“? It’s not the one who sings the best, but the one who­se „sto­ry“ is the most exci­ting. It’s the one who­se sto­ry is the most unbe­lie­va­ble, but who tell it in the most cre­di­ble way. It is the one that cau­ses an impe­tus. It is the one that chall­enge our ima­gi­na­ti­on and want to make us want to purcha­se it – at any cost.

They are the ones that reach us- in places we did­n’t even know we had. Not with quiet reason nor with plau­si­ble expl­ana­ti­ons becau­se the­se ratio­nal moti­ves are only used to explain after­wards to our­sel­ves and to our fel­low men, why we abso­lut­e­ly had to have what we had just bought, why it had to be so expen­si­ve, while com­pa­ra­ble things were che­a­per – and why it had to be done right now (kno­wing full well that it will be on sale soon) …

The­re is, of cour­se, a litt­le histo­ry to this. The main task of the dis­trict mana­ger of a vacu­um clea­ner com­pa­ny was to recruit and train sales­men. To fami­lia­ri­ze a new employee with the machi­ne, he recom­men­ded that he demons­tra­te it to his wife. The next day, the sales­man repor­ted, „I did as you said. When I finis­hed, I asked my wife, ‚Would you buy it?‘ She said, ‚Yes.‘ I asked, ‚Why? She repli­ed, ‚Becau­se I love you!‘ “

Any­thing bey­ond our basic needs requi­res pro­vo­ca­ti­on and appeal to our ego. It is that adver­ti­sing man who knows how to be bold and uncon­ven­tio­nal who acti­va­te the images in our heads. It is the one who know how to direct our needs to what we are not and most of us desi­re to be: Indi­vi­dua­lists, role models, trend ambassadors.

As I sta­ted abo­ve, no one in this world buys a Rolex just to see what time it is. And no one buys a Por­sche just to get from A to B or an iPho­ne just to make a pho­ne call.

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