Now you will pro­ba­b­ly say: That’s all well and good but what does that have to do with me any­way? Why do I need to know all this? And what can I learn from it? Our clear and unmist­aka­ble ans­wer: You don’t have to do any­thing! And as far as your know­ledge is con­cer­ned – you can feel it every day at the check­out. Of cour­se, the­re are divi­si­ons that are hit­ting top form right now and raking in diz­zy­ing pro­fits. Biontech/Pfizer has seen the value of its lis­ting increase more than a thousand­fold, and that’s in less than a year and a half. Many an online pro­vi­der has also mana­ged to pre­sent reasonable figu­res. But the majo­ri­ty of entre­pre­neurs are strugg­ling! Why? And how can all this be explai­ned? It’s the natu­re of things. Most Ger­man entre­pre­neurs shy away from risk! Most think about yes­ter­day ins­tead of tomor­row, most look at what the com­pe­ti­ti­on is doing. And most make the mista­ke of sim­ply wai­ting and par­king their money in safety.

As a sales argu­ment then only the issue of the pri­ce remains! This can be chan­ged quick­ly and easi­ly, usual­ly crow­ned with suc­cess. And so, the pri­ce war dic­ta­tes the miss­ing inno­va­ti­on and the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on fields, that put in the fore­ground the pri­ce ins­tead the uni­que­ness and the spe­cial­ty of your pro­duct. And the con­su­mer? He can compa­re pri­ces – and he does. But neither the per­for­mance nor the qua­li­ty or the value of a ser­vice is com­pared. 100 grams of ham are 100 grams of ham, and a kilo of toma­toes is a kilo of toma­toes. But 69 € flight ticket to Mal­lor­ca sells bet­ter than a 369 € ticket. And whe­re all this is lea­ding to, if one thinks about it ratio­nal­ly, does not inte­rest any­bo­dy. So long as it’s cheap.

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