One of the grea­test thin­kers of his time, the phi­lo­so­pher Fried­rich Nietz­sche. He said this which can be con­side­red the core of a purcha­se decis­i­on: „We belie­ve what we want to belie­ve.“ And what we want, we want. But we also do ever­y­thing we can to belie­ve it. And who or what we belie­ve, that’s what we buy.

What would you say: How many buy­ing impul­ses did you recei­ve yes­ter­day? Was it 50, 100, 1,000 or pos­si­bly even more? And how many of tho­se do you still remem­ber? 2, 5 or 10 – sure­ly not more.

Out of the far more than 3,000 dai­ly adver­ti­sing impul­ses, you have not even regis­tered the vast majo­ri­ty as such. Only a handful of impul­ses remain at the end of the day. The rest are gone or were alre­a­dy gone befo­re you mana­ged to per­cei­ve them pro­per­ly. Why? Quite sim­ply: Becau­se you are sim­ply not inte­res­ted and becau­se the manu­fac­tu­rer has not mana­ged to mobi­li­ze your trust or faith in his communication.

Or quo­ting Blai­se Pas­cal again, „The heart has its reasons that the mind does not know.“ But if a belief has made its way, the heart has shut down the mind. Only the ones who pro­vo­ked you and made you think also mana­ged to affect your ego and thus win your trust. Only tho­se are reward­ed by you with an impul­se to buy – or will at the first opportunity.

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