Influen­cer mar­ke­ting is on everyone’s lips. And why is that? Of cour­se, becau­se for heaven’s sake, no one wants to be labe­led an eter­na­list, old-school, or even a relic. In fact, an enti­re indus­try has been estab­lished that can pro­vi­de you with the­se influencers.

And what do you get for your beau­tiful money and from influen­cers? Depen­ding on how much you are wil­ling to pay, you will usual­ly get a young lady (or even a young man) who has had the appro­pria­te attri­bu­tes for your pro­duct done by a pla­s­tic sur­ge­on. This per­son will then stand in front of the came­ra, take your pro­duct in his/her hand, and pre­tend to have used it in ever­y­day life. Or the pro­duct will stand for some seconds on the table, visi­ble to ever­yo­ne in social media who recei­ve that video. After a quick recor­ding, the show is over and you have less cash to your name. How much? That depends on how popu­lar the influen­cer is or how many fol­lo­wers he/she has on the list.

Influen­cer – a new pro­fes­si­on – which can be done easi­ly and con­ve­ni­ent­ly with a few clicks from home and wit­hout pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning. And why are they so popu­lar for com­pa­nies? Does it save cos­ts? In essence, it is the signi­fi­cant­ly hig­her cre­di­bi­li­ty inher­ent in influen­cer mar­ke­ting. If the neigh­bor buys it or someone like you and me, then you belie­ve in the product.

Is it worth using influen­cers? We have heard that the cal­cu­la­ti­on is cor­rect when it comes to a cos­me­tic pro­duct for a young tar­get group. But then on to Dubai, becau­se the­re should only be a mini­mum tax of 10%.

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